Every space I do is a delight as clients take me in new directions but like the Shoemaker I'm sometimes last to have a nice space. Every time I finish a room for a client I come home and look at my own house with a critical eye.  On occasion I feel like I'm coming back to Shabby Second, no relation to Shabby Chic. But then I get inspired. Sometimes a deep clean, a new lamp and a lick of paint is all I need for that feeling of delight to return. This is my take on Timeless Blue as seen in Nicole's home office.

My ceiling has always been a clean and quiet place to focus when I want to calm my mind. But then I saw this amazing blue and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Why not try it on the ceiling for a shot of sophistication? Now my own tastes run to the bright and bold side of the spectrum. Elegant and sophisticated are not the first words I would choose to describe myself. I prefer riskier more fun scenarios. But I could see it so clearly...clearly a good tidy up and clean was required as well as some paint! By the end of the weekend even Buddy gets a refresh.

Timeless blue ​ After ... 

We had a red lamp that was great when I first got it but it showed the dust like crazy and as things evolved over time { changes in art, bedding and pillow covers } it wasn't long before it felt discordant...after I finished Nicole's home office... 

Change at our house can be a little challenging as not everyone likes it. I thought when I had a quiet day at home I'll "spruce things up a bit". Renee came into the bedroom and said "Something's different but I don't know what it is. Hey, where is Daddy's red lamp?" Jeanneau followed and immediately said, "Where's Dad's red lamp? Does he know about this?!?". The best laid plans eh? Buddy seems on board though...On Lloyd's pillow instead of his own bed....Buddy!!!

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Timeless blue ​ Before ...