The Democrats ​After ... 

"Calling all you honkies, you'll never guess who's getting a new backyard over here...".

There’s a little caveat to this project. Before this was posted, a previous project on Facebook "Page 137", got some feedback that referred to it as “too Republican!”.  We laughed a lot, tipped our hats and decided to name this project "The Democrats"!

This family loves the outdoors, winter spring summer and fall. She is artsy, impulsive and a visionary. He is cerebral, the voice of reason and a farm boy at heart. The little ones love to eat from the abundant branches of fruit that grow here; cherries, raspberrries, blueberries, strawberries, mulberries, gooseberries, currants. They all { well almost all } love the squirrels, Romeo { black } and Juliette { grey }, Mr and Lady Cardinal and the groundhog who vacations here annually { that's another story, hahhahaah }. Now they want to share with family and friends.

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Love the Home You're In

​​A favorite activity is sitting in the evening sun with a big piece of fresh pie and vanilla bean ice cream, Dad's fav. They can be found in front of their fire pot in summer or winter, enjoying spider dogs with orange 'ketard' or 'muschup' and their equally inventive smores. In winter, snowmen women and children have been known to litter this yard. Dad reins as the Snowball Target Shooting Champ and Mom has reined supreme at being a good sport as the target of choice. Not ones to wait for the lush days of summer, they're already enjoying the outdoors.

The Democrats ​ Before ... 

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