I found working with Paula that her depth and breadth of schooled and innate knowledge of design, combined with her uncanny ability to ask the right questions so our end result would be a perfect match to my needs for the space that also expressed exactly who I am was top notch.  Paula's ideas are as original, sophisticated and unique as she is and her thoughtful approach to design makes her shine above other's in the industry.  I found her refreshingly positive, open to my ideas and a joy to work with.  She can somehow transform a space no matter what the size or budget, into something luxurious and polished, yet with a homey understated feel.  I will definitely go back to Paula for my future design needs.  Take the time to look through her portfolio and you will be glad you did.


Brenda S, London On Love the Home You're In: Home Staging

​​I was overwhelmed about what kind of upholstery fabric and area rug to choose and how to coordinate it with existing colours. Paula was able to connect me with various suppliers in her network which were within my budget and who produce high quality work.

Paula helped guide me and offered valuable advice about how to pull my living room together without it being boring. I wanted the space to reflect me and she was patient in helping determine what my decorating style is.

Paula is a very patient person who goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy. She helped me realize that decorating doesn't have to be a huge expense and can be a fun experience.


Cheryl B, Guelph On

Interior Design and Decorating Services

In Guelph and Surrounding Areas

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People are still talking about Paula and Ocean Bottega 

Thank you very much Paula.  I feel blessed to know you and your pillows are a wonderful compliment to our store.
Have a great week.

Sincerely, Lorraine N, that perfect piece, Shakespeare, On

Hi Paula, 
The paint looks great and your help was so appreciated, thank you and I will absolutely recommend you to everyone I know! 
much love,

Katherine M, Guelph On

Ocean Bottega Interiors

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We have a very little house and a very big yard. My wife and I always wanted to do more with the yard but always stalled in the planning process. Paula sat us down and listened to our individual ideas in full detail; she really encouraged us to think big. She then took all the common elements from both of our dreams, weighed the pros and cons and then mediated a final vision. We now have a full plan down to the last inch and can build everything ourselves on our own time schedule. Thank you Paula for getting us out of the clouds and creating a clear path, your process is both very relaxing and empowering. 

Jay Vandermeer, Guelph On Love the Home You're In: DIY

Testimonials Too

Hi Paula, thank you so much for the invitation to your Workshop. I think you inspire confidence and have the ability to encourage the newby decorator to take risks. I love the handouts to take home…it left me free to think at the workshop, knowing I would have the material at home to comb over later.  The budget planning worksheet is great too.  It helped Erin, Don and I to clarify priorities, budget, and to have the notion of future orientation…something we sometimes leave by the way side, in the interest of what is the current interest. Thanks again, Paula. I told Don to pass your name on to other clients as he has the opportunity , and I will as well. 

Catherine B, Guelph On

paula clarke

Love the Home You're In

Hi Paula,

Hope you had a great holiday! 
I didn't get your gift certificate but did get your pretty pillow at the golf tournament! We are all fighting over it at home, it is so comfy!! 
I just wanted to send an email to say hello and let you know about my pillow-I love it! 

Warm regards, Kim B. Guelph On

It was a new idea for me to spend money on interior decorating and I didn’t understand the value of it until it was time to do my own project. I was moving my office to a new space on a very short time line, and it felt too big to do on my own. Initially I was worried it would be stressful and demanding, and that I would be expected to do things that felt daunting when I had very little time, but that didn't happen at all. 

Paula met with me in the beginning to see the potential spaces and take the time to really understand my vision and what I needed. This turned out to be one of my favourite parts of the process. Paula did some drawings for me so it was easy to see on the spot what was possible with the different spaces. Paula was very personable, open to my ideas and easy to get along with. Her process felt fun and exciting. Then when the time came to do the work she just ran with it. The reveal was my favourite, favourite part, as the result was better than I envisioned it would be and it all came together in a way that I couldn’t have done on my own. 

Paula is great at supporting people and helping them identify their vision. She is energetic and committed to following through on your project to make it happen. When others come into my office now they comment on how nice it is. I’m thrilled that people feel at ease and comfortable. I love being able to show respect and care to my clients daily by giving them a beautiful place to meet with me.

Linzy Bonham, Guelph On Love The Home You're In: Love Your Room

Before I met with Paula I spoke with another decorator. I didn't feel that we were on the same page; that the decorator didn't understand what I needed to function, especially regarding the large sized desk I wanted in such a small space. When I spoke with Paula she was open to working with the things that were important to me. I was apprehensive about being a little outside my comfort zone with colours and patterns but I never worried the design wouldn't come together. I could not have acheived what we did together on my own! 

My favourite part of the process was that she carried out the plan. I liked how transparent she was about costs as well as helping to create and manage the budget. If there was a chance we were stepping over it, she made sure I had the opportunity to make a decision and didn't just trample on own my budget. I appreciated it when we shopped together so I felt confident with my spending. Paula explored options with me and gently guided me on where to spend and save. She helped me get some really great deals. 
I would highly recommend Paula. Her process was simple and she was easy to work with. She was respectful of timelines, budgets and open to what I liked. Paula was able to make what I wanted and needed work for me. I love my office and I get tons of compliments!

Nicole Petty, Guelph On Love The Home You're In: Love Your Room 

When I started this project, I knew I couldn't do it on my own without wasting a lot of time and money.  Paula had done some work for a friend and I was impressed with the result.  That was enough recommendation for me. I enjoyed the guidance that helped me make good decisions.  Although I first thought I just needed help in choosing paint colours for the walls, Paula's suggestion that the kitchen cabinets be lightened up was the key that created our palette direction.

Paula is very good at explaining different design options and letting the client make the final decision.  On the other hand, if a client chooses  not to be as involved in the process as I was, I know she is comfortable in teasing out a client's personal style, then finding what will bring that vision to life.  Paula does not press her taste on you.  It's all about the client.

My budget was fairly flexible, but if you impose limits at the beginning, Paula can work within those restraints.  She keeps clients informed regularly about cost choices.  Reframing my art in cheaper IKEA frames brought everything to life against the new paint colours. Paula went the extra mile, ensuring that all details were completed by project end.  I'm already thinking about having her come back to help with redecorating my basement.  ☺

Anne Bradley, Guelph On Love the Home You're In: ReStyle

Hi Paula, Ingrid just sent me the photos of the staging at the Garson house. I think you must have worked very hard and you did an amazing job.
Thank you so much,

Pauline C, Guelph On