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In a mess?  Call Paula, She is sweet, gentle and astute. She is the most talented professional I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have known Paula for over 5 years and marveled as she transformed my home and life. She has a circular and all encompassing intuitive understanding of the person; the house and what is to be achieved.  Paula has brought clarity and beauty to my entire home, inside and out and in every room.  She is one step ahead and an amazing organizer. She may not have quite got me to my attic – but that is coming, and I can’t wait.

 A talent of Paula’s is to be able to understand the entire picture.  Patiently Paula asked just the correct mix of questions to first help me be able to decide what it was I wanted to create.  Once the end result was brought to light Paula would instantaneously give me several different scenarios to consider and start with.  We would then sift till we got just the right mix for me.  She understood what the space needed to be for me and helped me get there.  When she would leave I had the plan to go forward.  Paula is exceptional at defining spaces with what is already on hand.  Just by switching a picture or box she was able to put a flow where there wasn’t before and does she accomplish a lot in a short time!!  She sweetly asked me as she went along How is this?  or How does this feel?  She teaches as she goes.  

Paula was also able to sketch things out for me.  I cannot see things done so Paula in seconds would sketch things out and put incredible detail so that even I could see it done.  This was and is so perfect for me.  Paula always gave me the costs and time line parameters and of course she is there if you have a question. I have lived in my home for over 19 years and some of the major design dilemmas were solved very easily and quickly by Paula.  For example I had a back yard that ‘was’ very exposed.  After Paula, I now have a precisely placed fence and a back yard I like to refer to as fairy land and it is extremely private for an embarrassing low amount of time and money.  My home inside now has "flow" because it's conceptually consistent and has a tight decorating pleasantness where there was no cohesion before. She would find me just the “perfect” items I needed. I was never overwhelmed because I could just email Paula if I had a question. She must have a photographic memory for things.

Our most recent session was on colour for my central living/dining room and my need of a pantry.  Paula gave me samples, teaching and as always with patience.  What a delight it was to come up with the perfect colour.  She then gave me the types of paint and costs and all the information I would need.  The pantry plan is one of the most unique and amazing things I have ever heard of and when it is done I hope Paula will show others how you can get all the things you need and want, it will be outstanding and at a affordable price, but best of all you will love it and the entire process!! 

Paula is now family to me because I couldn’t live with out her. Thank you for everything and for future Paula delights. I was in property management for over 10 years and never met anyone with as much knowledge and know how, not to mention the long lasting affect both her personality and work has given me on going. My hat is off to you Paula! I love my home more and more after being helped by Paula.  

      Chery L, London On

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