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Love the Home You're In

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Love the Home You're In: Kitchens, Bathrooms and Basements  

Kitchens, Bathrooms and Basements are the hardest working rooms in your home. They contain plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems as well as multi-surface finishes. Getting it right means you will love your new Kitchen, Bathroom or Basement, increase the Value of your Home and your Return in Investment if you sell your home in the future.

This package includes everything from Love the Home You're In: Design Foundation and Love Your Room   PLUS :

  • Shop like a VIP for your Appliances, Cabinetry and Surface Finishes  at the right place for the right price
  • Additional Check In Support with On Site Visits  for work by the trades to keep work on track and on schedule
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support  for when you have to know right now

Love the Home You're In: Love your Room   

​This package is ideal for decorating a Bedroom, Living, Dining or Family room from the ground up. It's also the perfect package for those who just want it done  because they don't have the time and expertise or don't enjoy doing it themselves.

This package includes everything from Love the Home You're In: Design Foundation  PLUS :

  • Feature Furniture  the right piece for the right purpose
  • Inspired Collections  arrange and display your art
  •  Apples to Apples Quote Template  so you can compare quotes quickly and easily
  • Hiring Reputable Tradespeople Check List  so you protect yourself
  • Prep like a Pro Tip Sheets and Check Lists ​ for decluttering, organizing and prepping work areas ensuring work gets done quickly and safely
  • Onsite Progress Check Ins  to keep work on track and on schedule
  • Email and Phone Support  for when you need an answer quickly

Love the Home You're In: Design Foundation  

This package is perfect for DIY'ers  who want to experience the satisfaction of doing it themselves, save money and  get excellent results. It's  ideal for those transitioning between homes who want to get ready to sell or settle in and make their new house a Home. It's also the perfect package for those wanting to have ideas explored and presented without committing to a larger package. ​These focused sessions are the foundation for a well designed and personalized space of your own. You will have everything you need to complete your perfect design.

  • Get Inspired Get Clear  to create a sense of clarity about the kind of Home you really want to have
  • Visualize your Best Home  with Just for You picture files so you can be sure before you commit
  • Build on What you Already Have  because you don't always need to replace all the things you have now
  • Budgeting for change create and manage a budget that leaves you sleeping like a baby
  • Planning and Goal Setting  so you can get it done
  • Shop like a VIP  for those essential elements at the right place for the right price
  • Be Surrounded by Colours That Inspire  so you get perfect colour
  • Style and Accessorize like Decorator of the Year  for your own personal and unique design​

Love the Home You're In: Re Style   

This package is ideal for people looking to organize & refresh including those working from home, renters who want a great space but need to invest in change that will move with them, and those wanting to rejeuvenate the look of their home, room by room .

This package includes everything from Love the Home You're In: Design Foundation PLUS :

  • Adopt the Mindsets of an Organized Person  so you can find what you are looking for
  • Get your Important Documents in Order  with systems that work for you
  • Arrange your Treasures  so you can enjoy them
  • Create the Ultimate Workspace  or Studio so you can work easily and with pleasure​ ​

​​​ Do you find yourself feeling uninspired, chaotic and disorganized in your own home?​ Do you shy away from thoughts of entertaining family and friends? Does the dizzying array of decisions around home improvements leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stuck?

Do any of these statements describe you: 

I don't know where to start. I don't know how to fix it. I don't know who to call. I don't know how much it costs. 

Help is on the way. 


Interior Design and Decorating Services In Guelph and Surrounding Areas

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With me gently guiding you, you can Love the Home You're In. 

You'll enjoy a clear path to making the changes that are most important to you. You'll be able to see and understand the impact of your choices ​before they happen so you make the best decisions. And you'll be able to save and spend with confidence, navigate any trades like a pro and get to the end of your project with all the finishing touches. See the Great Packages I've designed just for you! 

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Love the Home You're In: Should We Stay or Should We Go?   ​

Do you find yourself feeling dissatisfied with your home and wonder if you should just sell? Does the idea of doing anything about it leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck on making a decision? Do you circle around this issue every few months or years with no resolution? Why not get help to settle the question once and for all so you can have the home you'll love?  Let me walk you through the steps to a decision with these focused sessions:

  • What is my ideal home?  Create a sense of clarity about the kind of Home you really want to have 

  • Get Clear  on what you do love about your home now

  • Learn what is holding you back  from loving the home you're in

  • Define and Prioritize  what you would need to look for in a new home

  • Get the Tools  you need to see what comparable homes look like quickly and easily

  • Compare  the changes you would need to make to your current home to the cost and benefits of relocating

Love the Home You're In: Surround Yourself with Colours that Inspire   
Are you living with someone else's colour? Do you want to lighten and brighten your home? Do you need to refresh your walls? If you've ever picked a colour that looked so right and then went on so wrong you're not alone. Colour is the chameleon of the visual world behaving according to it's surroundings, full of optical tricks and illusions. You're not crazy! Take comfort, you can have perfect colour. Enjoy colours that inspire, make you feel great and your surroundings look terrific with these focused sessions:

  • What's your Colour?  Discover the colours you'll love.
  • Colour Correction  How to make the colour you chose be the colour you see
  • What and Where  Weave your colours throughout your home for maximum impact
  • Prep and Paint like a Pro  For the best colour job ever

If you are not seeing a package that fits your needs, know that I'd be happy to create one for you and your special project. 

Get in touch for your Complimentary  Consultation ​on my Contact Page today!