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This bathroom hosted a number of challenging issues for this Lady of the House. It had a triangular shape. The vanity was in the hallway. The tub was disfunctional and hogged all the space. The shower was minuscule and frankly of a dubious nature, in spite of good housekeeping it did not seem clean. And the toilet left you feeling like there was no such thing as privacy. Master ensuite? I think not!

Taking this bathroom down to the studding was the only sane answer. By looking at the space and how it related to the Master Bedroom we were able to restore this bathroom to a layout that looked natural, as if it was the way it was always meant to be. We also added a phenominal amount of space without increasing the square footage. This reconfiguration allowed us to add an additional closet, two vanities, a nicely sized shower and  keep a tub. And the toilet was given it's own private area.

How did we do this? You could say we did the sneaky swap. The vanity/hallway became the second closet creating a lovely sense of symmetry around the bathroom door not to mention adding much needed closet space. The toilet moved to where the old shower was where smaller and more private was just the ticket. The vanities were placed opposite each other, one where the toilet used to be and one to where the end of the tub was for some sexy mirror play. Once that huge tub was removed there was enough room for both a free standing soaker tub and largesque shower with lots of room to move and groove. Master ensuite? Definitely!

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