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Pillows are a fantastic way to add comfort, softnest and that pop of colour & pattern without overwhelming your senses. On the other hand If you want to step out of the box a little when it comes to personal style this can be the place to do it. Pillows are a natural when it comes to creating beautiful and comfortable interiors. It's also a great place to express yourself. As a design feature they can bring all the elements in a room together giving you that feeling of joy in your space. 

Paula designs pillows using new and reclaimed fabrics. Hand picked, these fabrics are chosen for their quality, lush colours and eye catching patterns. Using reclaimed fabrics is what makes Ocean Bottega’s pillows so inspiring. It’s where Old & New, Graphic & Romantic and Fun & Tradition collide. Each pillow is in essence a limited edition because they usually come in pairs, sometimes more but rarely exceed six in number.

Attention to detail ensures quality design and enduring tailoring are an integral part of every pillow. These pillows have removable washable covers and are prewashed so there will be no surprises. The feather inserts are both divinely comfortable and washable too. This means you can get on with the most important thing in life…enjoying it!

Pillows are created in companion sets for quick and easy co-ordination. An endless supply of interesting fabrics to choose from ensures no two sets are the same. You can purchase your pillows in these fun and easy sets or you can create a set of your own for a whole new look. Pillows can be purchased as singles, in pairs or any number available. Covers and inserts may be purchased separately, for example, you can buy one insert and three covers.

                                           Pillows  $39 /ea  or  Covers  $24 /ea  &  Inserts $15 /ea

If you wish to have a viewing, make a purchase or create a custom order with or without your own fabrics just get in touch with Paula through the contact page by phone or email. She'll be delighted to hear from you!