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Many a client says to me, "Oh, I need to get ready for you to come." And I say to every client, You are welcome to turn up at my home unannounced any day. Because no home is ever perfect for more than a moment, a day or more if you're on holidays...if at all.

We all have lives that can become disorganized, chaotic, messy. That's the nature of life. These periods have been some of my best and worst times. I try to remind myself that when life goes sideways there's an opportunity to make an improvement. I look for silver linings, humour and the inherent lesson nestled in there some where.

Layered interiors, colourful style, relaxed living, fun attitude, timeless life

Crafting our home has been a labour of love. It made me realize that while I enjoy dreaming about "perfect" I really do love the home I'm in. It's about understanding what's most important and focusing on that. For me it's being able to do every day things easily and with pleasure in a way that supports my family.

It's about being relaxed and your best self. It's creating spaces where family and friends can gather and share. It's surrounding yourself with comfort and beauty. It's about Loving the Home You're In right now and not some day. This is me and the life I love for better or worse...

paula clarke

Love the Home You're In

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