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Lady Luck Landing  ​ ...   progressing

Lady Luck Landing  ​ a work in progress ...

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Lady Luck Landing is a cottage where family and friends can gather for some much needed R & R. This gem on the Ottawa river is a few years old but had never been occupied. My job was to get it to the family friendly stage with lots of fresh colour and comfort. It needed to be able to host besties, cousins, siblings and the like comfortably and easily so every one can have fun whether that means catching some shut eye, a quiet read, an engaging conversation or an all out in out play session on shore or in the water. Some of us called it, "Puttin' the peanut butter back in the jar!".

The main challenge in the Great room was creating a functional furniture plan. As you can see from the original photos every wall, a natural landing for furniture, was already occupied. The front wall is loaded with an amazing bank of windows facing the river. The two side walls each host a set of patio doors, a wood stove on one wall and an open entry into the kitchen on the other. The back area has a pillar right in the middle of it  and is open to the front door, stairs, basement door, laundry and the master bedroom.

We did make use of the two sofas left behind by adding denim slip covers. No crying over wet bathing suits and sandy feet. The dining table, soon to receive it's own makeover, gets a stellar spot in front of the beautiful views. And who doesn't love hanging out by the fire in a loungy rocking chair. Allowing furniture to float proves to be the best solution.

A nice big kitchen with delightful windows has everything you need for baking up cookies for ice cream sandwiches, to popping up a bowl of popcorn for rainy days and movies to roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas. A second bench seat will go in the area off the kitchen by the pedestal table offering more storage. Cases of beer come to mind. Having a kitchen table is perfect for casual breakfasts as each cottager gets out of bed on their own time. It's also a great place for crafts, games and puzzles, especially when they might take a few days to play.

There are lots of places to go in this cottage. It has three porches, one open, one covered, and one screened as well as a balcony making it easy to enjoy the outdoors no matter what level of Naturalist you consider yourself to be. The stair landing was so deep we built a bench across it for yet more storage and a quiet spot to read, chat or sleep in a pinch for unexpected drop-ins. All this under a ceiling fan and a two story window. Bedrooms are indulged with cotton linens, down duvets and billowy white curtains.

Every room gets it's own shade of blue so each space feels breezy and light hearted. Jars of utensils, colourful china, sparkly hooks and comfy beds make it easy to arrive with just your swim suit, jeans 'n hoodie and your tooth brush so you can get right to the business of the day, having fun! A beautiful waterfront and a well kitted out cottage make for easy living and happy times for everyone.