Musings on Design

paula clarke

Love the Home You're In

You'll learn about basic design concepts and guidelines as well as:

  • How to develop your own eye
  • When to rule up and  when to break away 
  • How to embrace the box and  think outside it
  • When to listen or give nay sayers the pass
  • Express your own voice

I'll encourage you to learn, play and explore as we take this journey together. 

             paula clarke              

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My hope is to inspire you to Love the Home You're In with fun and interesting posts on interior decorating and design. I'll help you get inside the minds of Artists and Designers so you can see how they see. I'll be looking at many topics { and things } that have caught my attention for one reason or another from the perspective of the Principles of Art and Design. Not only will you discover great tips and enjoy some fun pictures, you'll see the world through fresh eyes. 

Be sure to check out the Thought for Food section at the end of each article where you'll find exercises and ideas encouraging you to give each idea at try. The Big Take Away? You'll be able to apply your new found creativity to spaces you can fall in love with.

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