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​It was a goal of Jay's to add office space so everything he needs for his clients is onsite. Now he has a desk that he can stand or sit at with easy access to his computer, printer, office supplies and file storage.​ Jay loves that he can just walk up to his computer. Jay's big pieces of equipment now have permanent stations. We also added some inspirational images that are whimsical and fun but speak to his clients;

  • "If you believed in Santa Claus for 7 years you can believe in yourself for 90 minutes."
  • "10 things that require zero talent: being on time, work ethic, effort, body language, energy, attitude, passion, being coachable, doing extra, being prepared."
  • "It's not about being perfect, it's about being better than you were yesterday."

Jay's studio has two amazing big windows with lots of natural light and cross breezes for when summer comes. You can see we've used the flooring to add more visual space by taking advantage of the optical illusion stripes create. We've also played with the colour pattern so there's a little brain gym going on here too.​ When floor space is at a premium your vertical aspects become valuable real estate. We've taken advantage by mounting equipment on the walls creating stations around the room. This way the studio still feels sizeable and Jay doesn't have to haul equipment out when he needs to use it. The mirror offers Jay's clients the chance to check out their form. It also doubles up on lighting creating a bright, energetic atmosphere.

Jay had a fantastic image of Mohamed Ali that was personally relevant and inspiring. We cropped and enlarged it to suit the space. Because the studio had natural symmetries we took the opportunity to add Jay's new logo to reinforce his brand. A masculine treatment of these frames balances the lighter elements of the other frames. Now Jay has everything he wanted in a new studio. He's in a theraputic environment with a more professional image. His studio is spacious and functional. It has everything he needs to run his business in an environment he loves. Guess who Jay's newest client is?!

Jay's previous studio had a pretty small foot print. But his clever use of mirrors greatly enlarged his space visually. There can be a flip side to that coin. Mirrors can double up on your "visual activity".  Another of Jay's challenges was managing his larger pieces of equipment. They needed to be pulled out and put away as he used them. That made working out with different equipment a work out in itself. Jay wanted to reduce the visual hustle and bustle to create a calm  yet energetic environment.

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