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Same door new direction! It's much easier to come in now. We took advantage of the symmetries the room offered as a way to return it to it's stateliness. Modern, Retro, Traditional and fun touches keep it from feeling predictable or pretentious. The new flooring, with a banded detail, gives some added interest to the room. It's the same material with two different colour finishes laid in alternating rows. By running the stripe across the width of the room, rather than the typical approach of laying it lengthwise, the floor creates the optical illusion that the room is bigger than it's square footage. Two new fans and open windows make for a refreshing afternoon experience. No need to wistfully wonder what everyone else is doing on such a beautiful day. 

The Eames like eiffel chairs were a small splurge for some added style. They're excellent partners for the teak table. Houston you can stand down. My then partner Julie gave the desk chairs new life with a sophisticated fabric that reflected a retro sensibility with it's toned geometric pattern. It sits nicely with the modern touches. Mature drapery lends the room dignity providing softness and preserving light. A little hit of colour helps them from taking themselves too seriously. The eye has reason now for moving both up and down making the ceilings feel their full majestic ten feet high.

He loves the beveradge station as it was a true labour of love getting it into the space. Crystal, silver, glass, and laquer elevate the ordinary. Clean up becomes pleasurable and a snap. Lighting is like fabulous jewelry to us! What makes the capiz shell light unique is the colourful ocean hues. We love love love the cast shadows. We adore the project board, an antique like nod to Her.  And sparkling water never looked so royal.

We couldn't resist this piece of art, the silhouette of birds on telephone wires overlayed on newsprint as it involved the written and spoken word in thoughtful juxtaposition, lol! And we love the old typewritter keys in the imagery. With the opposing image of type face from a printing press above the other desk opposite we were able to pay hommage to the professional side of this office. Night or day this room is a pleasure to be in.

He said modern, She said antiques. He said I want style, She said I want it to look like it didn’t come out of a big box store. They both said they wanted a meeting place where clients could come, feel comfortable and conduct their affairs with a successful boutique business and feel great about it. Did we mention we had to get three desks and a conference table for a full on meeting for several people in a 12' x 16' space?

What a great space! We can just see it!!! Fabulous! Houston, we have a plan! 

To Do: Board up the hole, change out the ceiling fans and add some light, reverse that door, paint, paint, paint…look at flooring and fabric for the windows…add furniture and art...

We're checking out tables and chairs to make sure they are a comfortable fit. She said Uh huh and He said My in laws have that same table… Houston!

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