Dream suite   ​After ... 

Dream suite   ​Before ... 

En suite   ​After ... 

​​We explore lots of possibilities through visual media and decide on a plan. A key component is adding more storage and making this room feel like the master it should be. Creating an atmosphere for ensuring a good nights sleep is high on the agenda too as is amping up the style factor.


We have some hurdles though. Nicole wants a king sized bed and I'm all for it but we have to pay attention or the bed will completely dominate the space. In addition we have to figure out how to make room for night stands especially with the location of the bathroom door.  We also have a hot air register where we want the bench seat to go.

We're able to wrestle that bed down to size by painting the wall blue. Mounting shelving on to the walls we now have "night stands" that look and feel large given the small amount of space left over by the bed. Building in both the window benchseat and wardrobes gives them ample storage thanks to Mark, Nicole's husband. We shop together for the big stuff and with some discussion and easy guidelines Nicole is able to shop the rest with confidence. The fireplace, nature inspired patterns, textured linens, plush pillows and a soft rug make the room feel cozy in spite of our cool colour scheme. Now the room is as comfortable as Nicole's favourite pair of jeans and shines like her pretty jewelry.


The bathroom gets a complete make over too sporting sleek and gleaming finishes for a shot of glamour. Even though it's a small footprint this bathroom proves great things can come in small packages, especially when you have Mark on your team. We get a quiet nod from Roscoe for a job well done.

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Nicole works hard. She really knows how to look after her clients and family. Like every mom, she needs a place where she can take care of herself; relax, recharge and refresh. My job is to give her that space. Nicole's current situation is a classic case of having outgrown her now and being ready to invest in her future. We work closely together to give her a dream suite.​ Max and Roscoe get hired on to the team as PA and Supervisor...I don't need to tell you who's who, lol! Lucky for us Nicole's husband Mark is amazing at renovating and takes on the big work.