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paula clarke

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Ocean Bottega's PAULA CLARKE is known for her fresh and fun take on design. She believes that good design is more about observation, creativity and a willingness to try something new than the dollars in your pocket book. This means you can have  a fabulous room at the price that's right for you. "For me great design has always be inclusive".

Her background in design and communications makes her very easy to work with because her focus is always on you; what you need, what you like, what makes you tick. While she has creativity to spare she is always attentive to your needs and can help you understand the impact of your design choices so you make the right decisions for you.

She can help you create and manage a plan so you know your daily activities and life goals are being supported. She starts with the basics so she can optimize spaces from an original point of view and is a firm believer in the marriage of comfort and style. Whether you're looking for a room makeover, decorating for a special event, need to dress a retail space or want to purchase a special something something you'll find her intuition, keen eyes and inventiveness will leave your heart singing!

"For me great design has always been inclusive"

                                                                                                                         paula clarke