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​This was my second office for Nicole, Girl Wonder { she is amazing at what she does } being her first, a small space in a commercial setting. Like that office, we had space considerations given Nicole's wish list. Because she works at home in the evenings and has a family to take care of, her desk had to face the door so she could keep tabs "on things". You know I hate putting a client's back to a window but sometimes there are compelling reasons to do so. She also likes the company of the television and it's shared with family who are welcome to come in and curl up when they wish. Nicole's signature style is modern and sleek but comfortable. Finding furniture that fits the space we have available is our challenge. Think condo sizes. As always the excercise is about proportion.

Nicole works in the financial industry and it seemed appropriate to include architectural imagery from New York City, sharing it's motivation and energy with this small city space. Linear aspects relate well to a modern interior-scape. Little did I know she was planning a trip there at the time. Great minds think alike. 

So the office didn't feel like it was all hard edges, we added some softness with curvey details such as the hit of silvery wall paper with the double circle design around the window. { Ace, associate of my PA Max and my Supervisor Roscoe, managed to eat our first role of wall paper. This cat is working on his nine lives. And where was Roscoe anyway??? } We also added the relaxed settee, pillows, throw and a cozy carpet.

My favourite detail { they're all my favourites } is the Timeless Blue paint around the window { now on my own bedroom ceiling } bordering the pretty wall paper. The table lamps remind me of city skyscrapers with all their tiny cut mirrors. We did a little McGivering though. All the lamp shades were white. To add interest we sprayed one grey, added a ribbon detail to another and left the third one white. Some simple storage for tucking things away quickly and easily makes staying tidy a snap. The closet houses the less visually appealing aspects of an office such as a printer, office supplies and file storage. Less is more in this space so Nicole can work free of distraction. Working at home is a pleasure when you're all set up for what you do best.

I want you to know Nicole is horrified by these pictures so, in consideration of her feelings, I've included pics of my own, at one time, woebegone office, because I have been there myself.  When you're busy and life is demanding, parts of or all of your home can get away from you. There are all kinds of reasons this happens. It usually involves some kind of change or transition. In Nicole's case it was a move to a new house and in my case it was a new and young family combined with a career change. There should be no shame, it means your plate is FULL and you have other more important  priorities. It's not pretty and sometimes we need help when we're overwhelmed. I too had help from my amazing friend Joy to get back on track. I know, don't say it ... OMG!!! Nicole's office looks pretty good by comparison, eh?!

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